Meet our Silks Head Chef, Rich!

From Young Apprentice to Master Chef


We are excited to share an incredible story of dedication, passion, and culinary excellence that has been brewing at The Atlantic for years. Meet our very own Silks Bistro Head Chef, Rich, whose journey from a young apprentice to the creator behind our delectable dishes is nothing short of inspiring.


A lifelong connection with The Atlantic


Rich has been a cornerstone of The Atlantic family for an astounding number of years. Starting at the tender age of 14, Rich embarked on an extraordinary culinary adventure with us.

“I started when I was 14, I worked for Toni (Mr Cobley) at The Atlantic for the summer in the kitchen. Once the holiday period was over, Toni and I spoke, he said he had never seen a chef do anything I had done.”

“I stayed at The Atlantic through my teens, becoming Head Chef at the ripe old age of 18! At the time I was one of the youngest head chefs in Newquay.”

The journey to becoming a head chef at the age of 18 is a testament to Rich’s dedication and innate talent. And the journey didn’t stop there.

“I continued cheffing at The Atlantic throughout my college years, but briefly hung up my chef’s hat after my studies to pursue a career in hotel management.”

After some years of relentless management work, Rich found himself at a crossroads. But destiny intervened, and a conversation with Lorraine, our director, reignited the spark that had initially brought Rich to The Atlantic. Rich rejoined the family as a Duty Manager before ultimately finding his place back in the heart of the kitchen.



A Family of Food Enthusiasts


At The Atlantic, we pride ourselves on being a family-run establishment. For Rich, this isn’t just a motto – it’s a reality.

“I love the staff the most here. Being family run, we all work as one big team and that’s what it feels like – a family. I see coming in to work here as a pleasure, not a chore.”

We couldn’t agree more with Rich, and this sentiment to the familial atmosphere resonates in every dish he creates.

An essential ingredient that sets The Atlantic apart is the dedication to crafting homemade dishes. From sumptuous sauces to freshly baked breads, Rich has been unwavering in his commitment to delivering authentic flavours that tantalise the taste buds.

“I love that the food we create is all homemade and this has been the case since I started. That is rare to find nowadays. We still make everything fresh from our breads to our sauces. One of the great things about being a chef is crafting delicious flavours from scratch so I would never want to cook out of a packet.”

In an age where convenience often overshadows quality, Rich and his team stand resolute in their pursuit of culinary excellence.



Crafting Experiences, One Plate at a Time


When asked to sum up his role in three words, Rich chose:

“energising, creative, satisfying.”

These words encapsulate the essence of his culinary journey. Each dish created in our kitchen is a fusion of passion, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of perfection.


A Symphony of Flavours: Our Silks Bistro’s High Teas


Among the many culinary experiences at The Atlantic, Rich has a soft spot for the elegance of our afternoon teas.

“I love how grand we make them, and the layers make it look so decadent. It is an experience rather than simply food.”

We agree that there is something truly unique about sitting back and experiencing afternoon tea. High teas at Silks Bistro are more than meals – they are unforgettable experiences that delight the senses and create lasting memories.


The Heart-warming Rewards of this Culinary Work


As a chef, Rich finds the greatest satisfaction in the joy his creations bring to our guests. When diners proclaim, “This was the best meal I have ever had,” it’s a testament to Rich’s unwavering passion for food and his dedication to creating exceptional experiences.

“I have a passion for food so it is hard to put into words how touching it is that one of my meals has had that impact on someone’s day.”

In Rich, we have a culinary artist, a master of flavours, and a true embodiment of The Atlantic’s commitment to excellence. His journey from young apprentice to head chef, his dedication to crafting homemade delights, and his unyielding passion for his craft are an inspiration to us all.

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