A divine way to spend £3,999

Photography courtesy of Tyron Mackenzie

To celebrate our £3,999 wedding package we’ve put our heads together to devise some delightfully indulgent ways to spend a romantic £3,999 at the Atlantic Hotel:

99 bottles of Moet on the wall

Take one down, pass it around…Our Moet bubbles is one of our trademark Champagnes, and although 99 may sound a little excessive; what a reception you’ll have!

Lay back, relax

Ease away tight shoulders and tense muscles with our resident masseuse Martina Crkonova and her full body, nirvana-enducing relaxing massage (amongst other treatments), and for £3,999 you could have two every week for well over a year before your big day! Bliss…

Red, red, red

One for the traditionalists, imagine crossing the threshold of your Atlantic Hotel bridal suite in the arms of your new husband, only to find that he’s filled the room with 1,350 red roses! We knew he was a keeper…

When compared to our superb all-inclusive wedding package with its three-course menu, wine for all guests, personal management service, hotel rooms, private bar and personal management service as well as a host of other features, £3,999 never looked more affordable!

Contact us today to begin your journey to wedded paradise with the Atlantic Hotel.

[Photography courtesy of Tyron Mackenzie]