The Atlantic Hotel renews its AA Rosette and 4-Star Hotel Award!

At The Atlantic, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our service, from the luxurious comfort of our rooms to the culinary art of our Silks Bistro. Earlier this year, we had the honour of receiving 2 prestigious awards that reflect our unwavering commitment to providing luxury hospitality: renewal of our 4-star hotel rating and the esteemed AA Rosette for our restaurant. Keep reading to come behind the scenes of The Atlantic as we prepared for the rigorous inspection process that led to our impressive accolades.

Atlantic Hotel AA rating

2 months before…

In the month’s leading up to the inspection, our dedicated team worked tirelessly to ensure every aspect of our hotel and every dish met the highest standard. Our experienced chefs worked hard to craft innovative menus that not only showcased their culinary talent but also championed local Cornish produce. Simultaneously, our housekeeping team worked diligently to ensure every guest experienced the utmost comfort and care.

The anticipation leading up to the inspection was palpable, as we awaited this unique chance to showcase our grand hotel and the dedicated team inside.

The Results Were In

We were delighted to hear the inspector saw the grandeur and opulence that we get the privilege to experience every day. The team could not be prouder of this achievement – receiving these awards are not just a testament to our hard work, but also a celebration of our passion for hospitality and delivering excellence.

Whether you are planning a stay in our 4-star hotel or a unique dining experience, book with the comfort that your visit will be nothing short of exceptional.

Meet our Silks Head Chef, Rich!

From Young Apprentice to Master Chef


We are excited to share an incredible story of dedication, passion, and culinary excellence that has been brewing at The Atlantic for years. Meet our very own Silks Bistro Head Chef, Rich, whose journey from a young apprentice to the creator behind our delectable dishes is nothing short of inspiring.


A lifelong connection with The Atlantic


Rich has been a cornerstone of The Atlantic family for an astounding number of years. Starting at the tender age of 14, Rich embarked on an extraordinary culinary adventure with us.

“I started when I was 14, I worked for Toni (Mr Cobley) at The Atlantic for the summer in the kitchen. Once the holiday period was over, Toni and I spoke, he said he had never seen a chef do anything I had done.”

“I stayed at The Atlantic through my teens, becoming Head Chef at the ripe old age of 18! At the time I was one of the youngest head chefs in Newquay.”

The journey to becoming a head chef at the age of 18 is a testament to Rich’s dedication and innate talent. And the journey didn’t stop there.

“I continued cheffing at The Atlantic throughout my college years, but briefly hung up my chef’s hat after my studies to pursue a career in hotel management.”

After some years of relentless management work, Rich found himself at a crossroads. But destiny intervened, and a conversation with Lorraine, our director, reignited the spark that had initially brought Rich to The Atlantic. Rich rejoined the family as a Duty Manager before ultimately finding his place back in the heart of the kitchen.



A Family of Food Enthusiasts


At The Atlantic, we pride ourselves on being a family-run establishment. For Rich, this isn’t just a motto – it’s a reality.

“I love the staff the most here. Being family run, we all work as one big team and that’s what it feels like – a family. I see coming in to work here as a pleasure, not a chore.”

We couldn’t agree more with Rich, and this sentiment to the familial atmosphere resonates in every dish he creates.

An essential ingredient that sets The Atlantic apart is the dedication to crafting homemade dishes. From sumptuous sauces to freshly baked breads, Rich has been unwavering in his commitment to delivering authentic flavours that tantalise the taste buds.

“I love that the food we create is all homemade and this has been the case since I started. That is rare to find nowadays. We still make everything fresh from our breads to our sauces. One of the great things about being a chef is crafting delicious flavours from scratch so I would never want to cook out of a packet.”

In an age where convenience often overshadows quality, Rich and his team stand resolute in their pursuit of culinary excellence.



Crafting Experiences, One Plate at a Time


When asked to sum up his role in three words, Rich chose:

“energising, creative, satisfying.”

These words encapsulate the essence of his culinary journey. Each dish created in our kitchen is a fusion of passion, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of perfection.


A Symphony of Flavours: Our Silks Bistro’s High Teas


Among the many culinary experiences at The Atlantic, Rich has a soft spot for the elegance of our afternoon teas.

“I love how grand we make them, and the layers make it look so decadent. It is an experience rather than simply food.”

We agree that there is something truly unique about sitting back and experiencing afternoon tea. High teas at Silks Bistro are more than meals – they are unforgettable experiences that delight the senses and create lasting memories.


The Heart-warming Rewards of this Culinary Work


As a chef, Rich finds the greatest satisfaction in the joy his creations bring to our guests. When diners proclaim, “This was the best meal I have ever had,” it’s a testament to Rich’s unwavering passion for food and his dedication to creating exceptional experiences.

“I have a passion for food so it is hard to put into words how touching it is that one of my meals has had that impact on someone’s day.”

In Rich, we have a culinary artist, a master of flavours, and a true embodiment of The Atlantic’s commitment to excellence. His journey from young apprentice to head chef, his dedication to crafting homemade delights, and his unyielding passion for his craft are an inspiration to us all.

Are you looking for a new and exciting opportunity in the hospitality industry?


We are currently seeking dedicated and passionate individuals to become integral parts of our team! If you’ve ever envisioned yourself thriving in a welcoming and motivating setting, surrounded by colleagues who share an unwavering commitment to crafting a friendly and inviting experience for guests, then you’ve found your perfect match with us!

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The 7 Best Things to Do in Newquay this Summer (2023!)

With the great British summer in full swing, summer is a great time of year to visit the coastal paradise of Newquay. With schools breaking up and annual leave commencing, Cornish businesses are busting open their doors to welcome visitors from all over the country (and world!) to the many activities and events that are taking place this month. Here are some of the best things to do in Newquay this summer:


 Attend Boardmasters Surf and Music Festival

The world-famous festival full of epic surf, a laid-back beachy atmosphere and fantastic acts will soon return to our clifftops. Boardmasters has a venue truly like no other, with breathtaking views over the Atlantic Ocean, festival goers can watch the sun set to the sound of their favourite acts.

There are also plenty of other activities to enjoy throughout the weekend including food stalls, beach parties, and live entertainment.

Things to do in newquay this august



Explore the beaches:

We couldn’t write a blog about the best things to do in Newquay without mentioning the beautiful white sand beaches sprinkled along our coastline.

Whether you are into swimming, paddleboarding or coasteering, there is a beach to suit everyone.

Some of our favourites include: Fistral, Watergate Bay, and Towan Beach.  

Things to do in newquay this august


Go surfing

Newquay is a world-renowned surfing destination, and there are plenty of opportunities to learn to surf or improve your skills. There are also plenty of surf schools and rental shops in the town.

We recommend Fins Surf School, ideally located between two brilliant surfing beaches – Fistral and Towan. Fins also specialise in surfing, making them some of the best surf lessons available in Newquay!



Things to do in newquay this august

Visit the Blue Reef Aquarium

This aquarium is home to over 40 different species of marine life, including sharks, rays, and tropical fish. There is also a touch tank where you can get up close to some of the animals.


Things to do in newquay this august

Go coasteering

What better way to explore our beautiful coastline than by scrambling, jumping and swimming along it! Coasteering is a thrilling and adventurous activity that allows you to experience the coastline in a whole new way. It’s a great way to get your heart racing and to see some of the most beautiful parts of the coast that you might not otherwise be able to access.

Newquay is abundant with local businesses offering coasteering tours, all you need to bring is your sense of adventure!


Things to do in newquay this august

Take a boat trip

There are several boat trips that depart from Newquay, which offer the chance to see dolphins, seals, and other marine life. These trips are a great way to get up close and personal with some of the most fascinating creatures that call the Cornish coast home. Or if you’re looking to visit somewhere with a Mediterranean feel, hopping on a boat to the Isles of Scilly will have you feeling like you’ve been dropped off in the South of France.



Things to do in newquay this august

Visit the Eden Project

Just a short drive from Newquay, this award-winning garden is home to a variety of plants from around the world, including rainforests, Mediterranean gardens, and a tropical rainforest.

Alongside being a visual masterpiece of biodiversity and plant life, the Eden Project is also a highly educational experience about how the impact of fossil fuels on our plant life and how we can make changes towards a better future.


Things to do in newquay this august



These are just a few of the many things to do in Newquay in August. With its beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, and vibrant nightlife, Newquay is the perfect place to spend a summer vacation.

Here are some additional tips for planning your trip to Newquay in August:

  • Accommodation can get booked up very quickly for August, so it is better to book in advance. If you are looking for some last-minute accommodation, we do have some rooms available at The Atlantic Hotel. We are currently running an offer where you can grab 30% off all rooms during August and September. Availability is running out so book now to secure your stay – only redeemable by phone.


  • Pack plenty of suncream. It may be overcast this week but Cornwall can get delightfully hot during the summer months.


  • Be sure to bring a hat and sunglasses, as well.


  • There are a number of festivals and events taking place in Newquay in August, so be sure to check before you travel for any events taking place plan ahead.  You can find a full list of Newquay events on the VisitCornwall website.

I hope this blog post has inspired you to visit Newquay in August, we wish you a wonderful summer!


Are you a qualified spa & beauty therapist seeking a new challenge?

We are excited to announce that The Atlantic Hotel Spa in Newquay is expanding and we have an opportunity for an entrepreneurial and enthusiastic spa therapist that has always dreamt of running their own spa.

This is not just a run-of-the-mill therapist position. This is a unique opportunity to offer your exceptional services, find your ideal clients and be your own boss, all whilst enjoying the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean from your treatment room and pool.

Located in a prime location in Newquay, our spa has built a loyal customer base and a reputation for delivering outstanding customer service. With beautifully tranquil facilities including an indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, steam room and sauna, as well as the sea-view treatment room, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Whether you are a seasoned business owner or just starting out, our team can guide you through the transition to ensure your success. Don’t miss out on this chance to make your dreams a reality!

For more information, please contact


Exploring The History of Newquay: 3 Spots to See on a Walking Tour of The Town

Nestled on the North coast of Cornwall, Newquay is a lively town renowned for its beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and exciting outdoor adventures. But Newquay is much more than simply a tourist hotspot, it holds a fascinating history dating back to the 15th century, evolving from a tiny port town to the modern premier resort we know and love today.

If you are wishing to explore the interesting history of this town, keep reading as we take you on a walking tour around Newquay, discovering the town’s rich history of smugglers, fishing trade and music history. We will explore all the fascinating moments in history that have shaped the iconic town of Newquay, let’s get started:

Towan Harbour

Starting your walking tour of Newquay by the shores of Towan, Newquay Harbour is brimming with history, so much so, our beloved town is actually named after the original harbour.

Back in 1439, the Bishop of Exeter granted permission for a stone quay to be built in the manor of Towan Blystra. This was known to locals as the ‘new quay’ and formed the origin of the town’s name today!

In 1832, construction of the present harbour began as a vital development for the town’s fishing industry. The harbour acted as a safe haven for fishing boats, with the dock allowing for easy export of goods including China clay, iron ore and grain, and import of coal, manure, salt and limestone. The harbour was also notorious for smuggling, with illicit items smuggled into Newquay under the cover of night.

Towan Harbour is also home to the old fish cellars, used to store and process fish caught in the harbour – work which was crucial to the local economy. Today, the old fish cellars have been converted into a popular restaurant and bar, offering visitors a taste of Newquay’s history and culture.

Once you have explored all around the harbour, continue your walking tour up the hill towards The Atlantic Hotel where you will find a large, white brick building. Here you will find the next destination on your Newquay tour: Huer’s Hut.

Huer’s Hut

Situated just outside of The Atlantic Hotel, Huer’s Hut was originally built in the 14th century as a lookout point for Newquay’s fishing industry, making it about 600 years old. The Huer (aka the lookout man) would stand watch for shoals of pilchard and alert the fisherman to their whereabouts.

When a shoal was spotted, the Huer would shout “Hevva!”, which is Cornish for “raise it”, and raise a white pole. When this signal was given, the whole village would drop whatever they were doing and launched their fleet of ships in pursuit of the pilchards.

The job of the Huer was a serious one, his sharp eyes and concentration were essential to the livelihood and welfare of the entire community, with pilchards being one of Newquay’s biggest income and food sources.

Today, the Huer’s Hut is a popular spot for stunning panoramic views across Newquay Bay and the variety of beaches that line the shore. To access the hut, find The Atlantic Hotel and follow the coastal footpath around the back until you come to the white hut.


Magical Mystery Tour at The Atlantic Hotel

The final spot on the walking tour of Newquay: The Atlantic Hotel. If you are a Beatles fan, you will be interested to know that history not only lies along the shores but also within our own walls. Back in 1967, The Atlantic Hotel played host to one of the worlds most famous bands.

Their stay was part of the iconic Magical Mystery Tour movie, based on a tour around Britain, and brought with it hysteria to the streets of Newquay as Liverpool’s most famous sons arrived to hordes of adoring fans.

Today, guests to The Atlantic Hotel can retrace the famous fours steps and iconic locations they visited including the pool that was used for the above shot, the front garden where Paul McCartney spent time engaging with fans, the Huers Hut, and the iconic back garden steps where the now-famous group shot was taken.

If you want to read more about The Beatles’ stay at our historic hotel, check out this blog giving you all the information:

The Beatles Iconic stay at The Atlantic Hotel

Why not immerse yourself in the full Beatles experience and dine in the very hotel the group ate in 50 years ago. With tempting local delicacies, afternoon tea to light-bites, we have something for everyone. Retrace the steps of the famous band and call our friendly team on 01637 872244 to book your own slice of BeatleMania.


Exploring Newquay’s rich history through a walking tour is a fantastic way to experience the town’s intriguing past, developing from the small seaside town into the popular holiday destination we know today. At The Atlantic, we are proud of our town’s heritage, and sincerely hope you have a wonderful time exploring its past.

5 reasons you should holiday in Cornwall this summer.




Traveling abroad currently is showing to be quite a difficult and stressful experience, with long airport delays and many restrictions impacting the joy of taking a holiday.


Just a few hours drive from the majority of places within the UK, Newquay Cornwall is a paradise in waiting. Oceans to match those abroad, some of the best beaches in the world, and long warm days finished off with what we believe to be some of the most magical sunsets in the world.



The Crystal Clear Water


Seeing the ocean in Newquay during the summer months might lead you to think you were in fact abroad. Bright, clear, turquoise waters perfect for swimming, and surfing.

Tropical-looking coves and caves exist in abundance, all waiting to be explored in the warm summer sun.

Newquay is awash with water sports including, coasteering, paddleboarding, kayaks, jetskis, and surf hire available at every turn.

Our helpful and informed reception team is always on hands with advice on where to hire, or secret spots to explore.



The Surf


Surfing is simply put, part of Newquay, it’s in our soul. Often described as the surf capital of the UK, there is no better place to try your hand at learning the local’s favourite pass time.

Newquay is home to several great beaches, all with waves perfect for those looking to learn. The perfect family or couple activity, surfing offers so much fun to be had. Everywhere you turn in Newquay you will see board and wetsuit hire, along with lessons available.

The jewel in Newquay’s surfing crown is without doubt Fistral Beach, a short stroll from the hotel front door. Known worldwide as the mecca of UK surfing, Fistral is the perfect place to ride some waves as a beginner or watch the locals tackle big waves as the sun begins to set.





An adventurer’s playground, Newquay is the perfect getaway for those seeking fun and adventure on the sea.

Just behind the Atlantic Hotel, you will find hidden caves amongst crystal clear waters, perfect for stand-up paddleboarding.

For those looking for a high adrenaline activity why not try coasteering. Leap from high rocks into man-made plunge pools and hidden coves.

Surrounded by the ocean the Atlantic Hotel is a short stroll from the local harbour where you can hire jet skis and take to the sea exploring and creating your own adventure.



The Sunsets


There truly is no sunset like a Newquay sunset. In summer warm oranges fill the sky as the sun begins to drop into the sea.

A mere few minute’s walk from the Atlantic Hotel is Fistral Beach, where you can relax on the stunning sandy beach and watch the locals take the last waves of the day as the sky begins to fill with the most magical warm colours.

One thing is for sure, you will never forget your first sunset on Fistral Beach.



The History


When we say we are proud of our history, we really mean it. A stay with us at The Atlantic Hotel is a stay walking the same steps as some of the most famous people in the world.

The world’s most famous band ‘The Beatles’ stayed in this very hotel during their now-infamous visit whilst filming the iconic Magical Mystery tour in 1967.

Trace their steps in and around the hotel and have your picture taken in some of the places included in the movie, such as the outdoor pool, the Huers Hut, or perhaps on the grand steps to the rear of the hotel where the infamous group photo was taken.


To find out more about the Atlantic Hotel or to book your summer break this year call our friendly team on 01637 872244 or email


5 Benefits of Cold Water Swimming


With our health more important than ever right now in the world, more and more people are becoming open to looking at alternative methods to increase their general physical and mental health. 2021 took a big toll on everyone, both physically and mentally. During the past two years, and various lockdowns, access to our gyms, pools, and sports centres were limited or removed, and many people turned to cold water sea swimming for their daily exercise.


The past two years have seen such a rise in cold water swimming, that it is now one of the fastest-growing outdoor activities in the UK. Swimming in the sea is nothing new, especially for locals here in Newquay, however more now than just a fun pass time, there is actual science behind consistent exposure to the ocean.


If you are looking for a boost in your physical or mental health, or are just curious to find out what the buzz is all about, here are our top 5 benefits from cold water sea swimming:




Boosted Immune System.


Scientific studies have found that exposure to cold water increases the amount of white blood cells in your body. These blood cells protect your body against diseases. Researchers believe that this process is related to an increased metabolic rate, which stimulates the immune response.

As we approach Christmas the perfect opportunity awaits to try your hand at cold water therapy with the New Years Day swim down on Fistral Beach just a short walk from the hotel. Join in with the many locals as the beach is awash with smiling faces and cold toes!



Helps to combat Depression and Anxiety.


Depression has been linked to a lack of Serotonin and Dopamine, both of which increase when the human body is exposed to cold water. Cold exposure increases levels of norepinephrine and dopamine in the bloodstream by as much as 530% and 250%, respectively. Low levels of norepinephrine have been linked to poor mood, brain fog, and lack of focus.

As you will see on any of the faces of the countless swimmers down at Newquay Harbour in the morning, the euphoric feeling may cause instant happiness!

Decreased Inflammation.


The science is simple, your body reacts to the cold temperatures by directing blood away from your extremities to protect the organs in your core.

The low blood flow to your limbs decreases inflammation and allows muscles to recover much quicker. A bracing dip can give you all the benefits of an ice bath.

Glowing Skin.

Swimming in open water – especially seawater – may have beneficial effects on your skin. Saltwater is awash with magnesium, calcium and potassium which is all good news for the skin. Seawater is also a mild antiseptic and may encourage damaged skin to heal.

The Post Swim Feeling.

The fabled after swim high is a real thing, as the mix of exercise and cold-water exposure triggers a release of dopamine, the bodies feel good hormone. If you swim with a friend or in a group, the chance to share and compare your experience with like-minded people intensifies the experience.

Newquay is home to several cold water swimming groups and spoilt for choice with several beautiful cold water dip spots.


As winter approaches the temperatures will begin to drop allowing the perfect time to try this ever-growing activity for yourself. If you would like to book a Winter  Stay here in Newquay be sure to check out our WINTER WARMER OFFER. For more details please visit the link below:




Disclaimer: Always partake with a friend or group and only if you feel comfortable in the water.







The Beatles Iconic stay at The Atlantic Hotel


1967 – Magical Mystery Tour Beatles Stay

The Atlantic Hotel is extremly proud of its glorious history, and none more so than when the hotel played host to the world’s most famous band ‘The Beatle’s for 3 nights during the filming of The Magical Mystery Tour, in September 1967.

Their stay was part of the iconic Magical Mystery Tour movie, based on a tour around Britain, and brought with it hysteria to the streets of Newquay as Liverpool’s most famous sons arrived to hoards of adoring fans.

It was September 1967, and a few months earlier The Beatles had released their iconic Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album, considered by many to be the greatest of all time.

The hotel was mobbed by thousands of fans as the band made their way to the main building for meals. The Atlantic was hit by “Beatlemania” with thousands of fans desperate for a glimpse of their idols.

The tour is believed to have been Paul McCartney’s idea. Driven by a desire for The Beatles to shoot their own television spectacular, he accredited its style to home movies he had been making.

A very lucky few holidaymakers and locals even got a chance to star in the movie, with several locations in and around the hotel featuring in the movie.

In The Complete Beatles Chronicle, author Mark Lewisohn noted that the band originally intended to stop in Newquay for only one night. He wrote: “After considerable private discussion, in which they weighed up the merits of either moving on to a new hotel each day or staying put in one location and using it as a base, they opted for the latter alternative and decided to remain at the Atlantic for three nights: Tuesday to Thursday.”

In the wake of their iconic stay, magical stories from locals began to surface. Speaking in 2002, Doris Freeth, who danced with Paul McCartney in the Atlantic Hotel ballroom, said that it had all been like a dream – even though he was not the best dancer in the world. Chris Parkin said that he sneaked into the hotel with a friend by pretending to be a waiter. They met Paul and Ringo in the hotel cocktail bar, and Chris ended up playing billiards with Ringo for much of the evening.

Today guests to The Atlantic Hotel can retrace the famous fours steps and iconic locations they visited including the pool that was used for the above shot, the front garden where Paul Mccartney spent time engaging with fans, the Huers Hut, and the iconic back garden steps where the now-famous group shot was taken.

Are you or someone you know a huge Beatles fan? Why not book yourself a stay and retrace the footsteps of the world’s most famous band. Call the hotel today on 01637 872244 or email

The 5 best things about an Autumn stay in Newquay

Newquay comes alive in summer, the town is vibrant, the warm Cornish sun shines all day long, and summer memories are made. But rarely is Autumn in Newquay spoken about.

Isolated beaches, quiet surf, brisk coastal walks, magical pink sky sunsets and so much more to calm the soul. Newquay in Autumn is a time of magic, and here we’re going to run through the best 5 things about an Autumn stay in Newquay.


1. Isolated beautiful beaches


When the large summer crowds begin to leave, the pace of life in Newquay returns to a slow and calm stroll. Autumn in Newquay is the favourite time of the year for many locals and visitors, as many of the beautiful attractions of Newquay become quiet and calm. Our beaches transform from the buzzing hub of activity they were in Summer, to quiet, serene, isolated spots of beauty.

If your an early riser it’s not uncommon to perhaps even find yourself with a sunrise all to yourself, and perhaps a few of the local surfers in the ocean catching waves as that first bit of Autumn sun catches their boards. If early mornings are not for you, wrap up warm and find a quiet spot in front of the waves as one of our magical Autumn sunsets begins to paint its masterpiece across the sky. Walking, sunset catching, or surfing, the quiet serenity of Newquay’s beaches in Autumn is a home for it all.


2. Magical Surf



Newquay is the home of the UK surf scene, there is no doubt about it. Located on the north coast, it is the epicentre of Cornwall’s surf culture, and in the summer months, thousands upon thousands of people flood to catch waves and take in the culture. The legendary Fistral Beach is a surfing mecca, and when joined with the countless other amazing local beaches to surf available, it’s no wonder Newquay lives for surf. Conditions in summer can be great but the busy sea makes finding that relaxation and perfect wave a challenge.

Come September when the crowds begin to leave, the sea becomes alive with locals catching beautiful waves in much quieter conditions. For anyone wanting to learn lessons are still available locally during this period and with the ocean being much quieter you will be able to try your hand at the local’s favourite pass time with time and space on your side. For those who prefer to watch rather than partake, if the conditions and swell align you may be lucky enough to see Newquay’s infamous Cribbar break. A monstrous wave is tackled by brave locals as spectators gather on the headland. One thing is for certain, surfing in Autumn has everything a professional or beginner could ever dream of.


3. Dramatic Coastal Walks



Newquay is a walkers paradise. Rugged cliffs, stunning coastlines and dream-like views all combine to make some of the UK’s most beautiful walking experiences. Autumn in Newquay is a cocktail of weather all stirred together, ensuring no two walks are the same. Perhaps you will be blessed with a brisk Cornish morning sunrise as you take to the coastal paths, marvelling at the crystal clear water below.

Or maybe you will witness one of our infamous storms. Wrap up warm as you walk and find a safe spot to watch the powerful waves crash into the rugged rocks below. Local wildlife comes alive and can be seen everywhere making a truly magical experience. From the headland path, Bedruthan Steps, Mawgan Porth and Crantock, there is a walk for everyone. Be sure to bring a camera and snap some photos of this lush and vibrant landscape.


4. Sunsets of your dreams


There’s no sunset like a Cornish sunset. Believe us when we tell you that Autumn is home to some of the most moving, and beautiful sunsets you will ever experience in your life. The warm orange glow of summer changes into magical pinks and purples. The sky is painted with colours that photographs will never do justice to, and to sit in front of one is a genuine experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Grab a blanket and those you love, find yourself a quiet spot and marvel as mother nature weaves her magic. Some of the best spots to enjoy an Autumn sunset in Newquay include Fistral Beach, Porth Island, Crantock Beach, and Watergate Bay.


5.  Local Seasonal Attractions


Autumn in Newquay is home to some truly magical special events for locals and visitors alike. In October the Eden Project opens its glittering Ice Rink in the run-up to the Christmas period. Surrounded by magical Biomes and hundreds of lights, this is truly a once in a lifetime experience. For Halloween, there is the iconic Masked Ball, or even try a silent disco on Fistral Beach surrounded by ghouls and ghosts!

Bonfire Night in Newquay is a spectacular affair with hundreds of people gathering by Newquay Harbour to enjoy a firework display full of treats and surprises. With countless activities running throughout the Autumn period in Newquay you are sure to find something to suit you.



If you would like to visit Newquay this Autumn and experience all of the magic above then why not call the hotel today to find out our fantastic Autumn rates.

For more information call our friendly reservations team on 01637 872244 or email



Who wants to be spoilt this Christmas ????


We are giving a family of 4 the chance to spend a 2 night luxury Christmas break with us.

Prize includes 2 nights Dinner Bed & Breakfast for 2 adults & 2 children (under 12).

Arrive on Christmas Eve and enjoy our Festive Afternoon Tea, later we will be singing carols around the Christmas Tree.

Join us for a delicious Christmas Eve dinner & entertainment before popping some mince pies under the tree for Father Christmas.

Christmas Morning enjoy our fabulous breakfast and a visit from our special guest.

Christmas Lunch is a fabulous affair of stunning food created lovingly by our chefs

Join us in the ballroom for the Queens speech & Christmas cake

Enjoy a walk on our fabulous coast or take a dip in our beautiful pool.

If you still have room, we have a glorious buffet in the evening in our chandelier dining room.

Wake up relaxed on Boxing Day and enjoy another award winning breakfast, take a dip in our pool before its time to say Goodbye.

And if that wasn’t enough we have lots of other activities for families over your festive stay

So how do I win I hear you say! Easy….we would love for you to design our Atlantic Hotel 2020 Christmas card, anyone of any age can enter

Closing date is 1st October 2020

Entries can be posted on our Facebook page from 1st June

Do not worry if you are already booked you can still join in and win.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with, so get drawing!

Christmas Cornwall

Competition Rules:

The winner will be picked at random by the Atlantic Hotel on 1st October 2020.

The winner will be notified through Facebook.

There will be only one winner of a Family 2 night Christmas Break 2020

Facebook does not promote this competition in any way and will not be liable for any prize value.

Prizes cannot be refunded or exchanged for any other cash value. Prize cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.