Fistral Beach, Atlantic Hotel, Newquay

Sweet Newquay

Fistral Beach, Atlantic Hotel, Newquay

Whilst we love the coastline, sand and swell of Newquay in the winter months, there’s a little something inside of us that urges the exploration of the sweeter side of our town during short December days:

For a start, the exquisite Australian inventions of Bush Pepper on Newquay’s Fore Street:

Grissini with Chocolate

Bank St. Bar and Grill’s waffles never fail to bring a sugary smile after a cliff top walk:

Bank St

Go starry-eyed at Ohana Beach Cafe with their handcrafted treats; match them with a rich hot chocolate for an indulgence that is simply divine:

Star biscuits

More chocolate? Of course! Gusto Deli Bar always produces the goods when it comes to homely, palate-pleasing treats:

Gusto Deli Bar

A winter stay in Newquay is the perfect opportunity to unleash the millionaire in you: Little Kahuna has the grandiose tastes to match your mood:

Little Kahuna tart

With the savoury tastes of Christmas still on your tongue, a Winter Warmer retreat at The Atlantic Hotel can be the sweet, sweet start to 2015 you need; just get in touch to get that sugar spinning.


Love, food, Newquay

It was playwright and writer George Bernard Shaw who once said “There is no sincerer love than the love of food”, and whilst we’re sure he was expressing a general philosophical view on the world, it fits deliciously in the circular shape of Italy’s finest export, the pizza.

Fever d’Italia can be seen throughout the town, with pizzerias regularly indulging visitors and locals with the delicious sustenance needed after a surf session and those exploring the town during a romantic Cornish getaway.

Rossi’s Pizzeria

As the oldest established pizzeria in Newquay, Rossi’s Pizzeria has been spinning dough and pouring passata for over 25 years.

Situated aside Fistral Beach, a Milano, Primavera or Barberossi pizza is just the thing needed to experience an authentic, independently made meal with the taste of sea air on your lips.

Not just for those wanting to take a few minutes out, Rossi’s also has a takeaway option, should you decide to explore a little more of Newquay with a savoury supper in hand.


The Stable

The Newquay coastline treats Newquay’s branch of The Stable to spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, which is so much more than any side dish can offer.

You may be forgiven for thinking that The Stable is a one off, but their pizzerias are situated all around the country and have the soul of any small-town ristorante.

A delicious touch to each of The Stable’s branches is that food and drink menu differs according to the available locally grown and produced ingredients and regional ciders. With food sourced from the West Country and all dishes made from scratch (with no preservatives whatsoever), organic sourdough pizza bases and Naga chilli oil are definitely on the menu.


Little Italy

Stone baked bases, simple flavours, sea views…what’s not to like?

Little Italy’s specialism in pizza has resulted in them being one of the top eateries in the town for those lusting after an authentic taste of the Med.

Italy may be the inspiration, but Cornwall’s flavours subtly season Little Italy’s menu with regional sea salt and an exclusive three-cheese option with Yarg, Brie and Smoked Cheddar from our fair county.

Speaking of Cornish influence, calzone is also available at Little Italy – a pizza that coincidentally resembles a pasty, which is superb for anyone caught between international and local flavours!

Little Italy2

Newquay has the establishments, expertise and Italian passion needed to create divine dishes, and pizza can be just the thing to make a relaxing break in Cornwall so much more than just a quiet weekend.

…after all, it’s the Italians who proclaim “dolce far niente” – the sweetness of doing nothing, and we wholeheartedly agree.

Four surefire reasons for a shoreside wedding

[Image courtesy of Paul Keppel]


Think of a beach wedding and chances are your thoughts wander to turquoise waters and ivory sands of continents far away from the trusty UK; we’re here to show how Cornwall can be just as unique, magical and achingly romantic as the holiday brochures (and more personal, too!):

Locally made for the big day

Being able to have your wedding cake made to your exacting specifications is a luxury all brides should take advantage of. Just imagine not being able to see what the cake on the biggest day of your life will look like until it turns up? (It doesn’t bear thinking about, really.)

Sweet Thought Cake Design is an independent, much applauded cake maker based in Newquay – just the person to have within arms reach in the run up to your wedding.

Paul keppel cake

Car couture

There’s divided opinion as to whether you should embrace local culture in a beachside wedding; we totally agree that you should, by the way, and you can’t get more of the Newquay vibe than ‘Fistral Bays VW Camper Hire’ (  Their iconic Volkswagen camper vans can take bride and groom (and possibly guests, they’re quite big!) to your wedding and reception venues in classic surf style.

Fistral Bays VW camper

Capture the moment

A professional photographer is a must for any wedding celebration, but what if you could let your guests capture their own images?

Although not technically based in Newquay, the yellowbooth camper van photo booth is well acquainted with the county, being based on the border between Cornwall and Devon. So for a spot of fun (with optional silly props) and some photographic autonomy for your audience, give it a go!

Tide’ the knot

Of course, the beaches!

We’re truly blessed with our north coast surroundings, and nearby Fistral Beach is a fantastically unique location for wedding photos. The dramatic scenery and rich surfing history not only caters for traditional romantics, but for those who love to spend every waking moment in the loving embrace of Mother Nature.


Weddings are our favourite events at The Atlantic Hotel, and with a sea view from every room, there’s no better place to start a new life than by the shoreline or, here in our hotel. Chat to our weddings team on how to arrange the next stage of life’s great adventure, and we’ll see you soon!

newquay beaches

Coffee in Newquay

newquay beaches

A good cup of coffee is the only thing that can make a good day even better (and trust us, living in Newquay we have more than our fair share of good days).

A quality coffee can come in the form of a solo espresso, a frothy cappuccino or a smooth, luxurious latte; but where to go in Newquay for a mug of the strong stuff?

Our triple-shot of caffeine establishments show where we think Newquay’s best beans can be found – well, apart from at Silks, that is!


The words ‘freeze dried’ are a mortal sin at Whiskers Coffee and Wine House, with their pride resting on their delicious organic blends.

The accompanying bagels, cakes and tapas style tasters they serve alongside their artisan brews are an excellent mid-morning treat or appetiser before heading out into Newquay for a supper by the sea.

Quite simply, as Newquay’s only exclusive coffee and wine bar, a cup of the good stuff is never further than a whisker away. Chai latte, anyone?


Café Cloud

A skimmed stone’s distance from Newquay Harbour, Café Cloud is the place to be where vintage-vibe coffee and cake is concerned.

Their down to earth styling and emphasis on serving quality, home made food and drink certainly makes the difference from any single-serving chain store, and that’s what makes cafés such as this so special.

Cafe cloud

Gluten free options cater for specialist diets, so that everyone can enjoy a taste of Newquay in the comfort and quietude of Café Cloud.

The Jam Jar

Always championing local produce, the folks at ‘The Jam Jar‘ are always keen to supply thirsty coffee lovers with ‘Origin Coffee’ in any which way you can think of (they can serve up a flat white without a second thought!)

Known for their welcoming, comfortable surroundings, ‘The Jam Jar’ is as perfect a place for families as it is for couples in the first flushes of romance.

Recognised as being a breed apart from most other Newquay cafes, it’s a very special place for quiet time with a quality cup of coffee.

Jam jar

This is just a sip of what’s available in Newquay – there are numerous more treasures hiding away in our coastal town just waiting to be discovered.

If all you’d prefer to do is relax in and around the hotel during a romantic break in Newquay, the Silks Afternoon Tea is a delicious option – you don’t even have to venture past our doorstep!

Winter Romance at The Atlantic Hotel

[Image courtesy of Tyron Mackenzie]

With Christmas and New Year all wrapped up it’s time to start thinking about a little winter break all to yourselves, just the two of you; no extended family, no children, no pets. Bliss.

Cornwall’s landscape in the colder months is just as beautiful as it is in full summer bloom, and with the main tourist season months away, winter is a superb time to take advantage of our wide open spaces, peaceful shores and a certain tranquility only found in our outstanding county.

Bundle up and bond again

The South West Coast Path around Newquay on a brisk January morning, hand in hand with your significant other, is a great way to enjoy some solitude after crowded Christmas weeks, and wearing your warmest clothes as a fresh sea breeze brushes your face never fails to bring cosiness into focus.

The sea air and coastal views are sure to blow away any cobwebs that may have spun themselves over the festive season, and the post-walk red noses and rosy cheeks we see enjoying steaming hot chocolates, always shine a little brighter than before they left.

Couple rockpools2(Photo courtesy of Matt Jessop)

Spice on the ice

Just a short drive from Newquay and you arrive at the world famous Eden Project. Their winter ice skating sessions are almost guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and warmth into your hearts – no matter how chilly the rink may feel.

Embrace each other as the moment takes you – be it in a moment of affection or simply to stay upright – and enjoy graceful revolutions as a couple amongst the tropical biomes.

Eden pic

Intimacy by the ocean

Time, that’s what we firmly believe couples need. Time to themselves, time away from everyone else, time to treat and indulge each other, time to really get to know one other again.

A morning spent under a luxury duvet on a frosty winter’s day, champagne and blankets on the beach, barista coffee overlooking the coast…it’s the little things that make a break in Cornwall during the winter months so special.


Our Winter Romance packages inject a welcome heat into the early months of the year; contact us to find out how you can warm things up with The Atlantic Hotel in 2015.

Intimate Atlantic Vows

All you have to do is look at 2014’s headlines to see that small, secretive wedding ceremonies are getting increasingly popular, with couples of all backgrounds and histories coming together and saying their vows before a minimal audience.

Small-scale celebrators include Cheryl Co-sorry, Fernandez-Versini’s whirlwind romance, the long awaited partnership of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and of course, the surprise to women the world over, the day George Clooney officially came ‘off the market’.

We’ve put together a little piece to show how an intimate marriage can be a superb option for those with a less is more approach to wedding ceremonies:

Fewer guests, more indulgences

A smaller audience undoubtedly means that the significance of the day is magnified for those attending; your guests knowing that they were some of the chosen few to be present on one of the most important days of your life will last for evermore in their memories.

A plus for them, a plus for you; furnish your ceremony with more champagne, richer food, meaningful favours…Why not spoil yourself and spend more on the dress? After all, you want to look as beautiful as can be on your wedding day, and with a smaller audience this is completely within your reach.

Couple kissing on Fistral Beach on their wedding day

A wedding, wherever you choose

Great numbers of guests obviously need a place to sit, and more often than not a cavernous hall or church is the only place that can accommodate.

We feel a unique location and carefully chosen companions really makes an intimate wedding, so buck tradition and indulge in a cliff top ceremony with 15-20 of your nearest and dearest beneath a custom assembled gazebo, partnered with sea views, ocean breeze and sounds of the coast.


Fall in love, don’t fall out

Intimate ceremonies have the added bonus of significantly fewer squabbles than larger gatherings. Seating plans, past arguments and delicate temperaments are all but dissolved when catering for a handful of guests; and to be blessed as part of your select audience, any animosity will soon give way to elation!

You could even go so far as to have guests at the ceremony, followed by a private meal for just the two of you as man and wife, bliss.


After all, your day should be celebrated your way, whatever anyone else may say.


In short, you don’t need to rush off to France or Venice for a special ceremony to say ‘I do’; The Atlantic Hotel is perfectly situated for such intimate occasions with breathtaking views of the ocean and a particular romance only felt on the coast.

Please contact our wedding team for more information, and remember – there’s no such thing as a wedding that’s ‘too small’.

A silky smooth Christmas Eve

It shall be the night before Christmas, and all through the hotel, we’ll be heading to Silks Bistro, to sing Joyeux Noël!

Amongst the holly and ivy, the AA rosette of Silks Bistro and Champagne Bar will have all the festivities you need this Christmas Eve; drinks, food, good company…what else could you possibly require?

We’ve live music from Newquay Male Voice Choir (who are celebrating forty years of harmony) and professional guitarist Mike Norfolk performing throughout the evening.

Mulled wine, a cocktail or two and gourmet mince pies with friends at Silks is just the ticket for a delicious, relaxing journey into Christmas Day, and all before those famous sleigh bells make their appearance.

Ask our kitchen staff nicely and you may even be able to take home a little something to leave out for Rudolph!

Contact us to book your place today.

(Fancy) dress for the occasion, NYE in Newquay

New Year’s Eve in Newquay is an incredibly unique time of year. Where else can you simultaneously rub shoulders with suited and booted 007s and cheeky 118 118s in front of harbourside fireworks? December 31st on Cornwall’s north coast is simply tremendous fun, read on to see what’s on offer:

Fancy That

Self-consciousness goes out of the window come December 31st in Newquay; everyone’s out to have a good time and they certainly dress for the occasion.

Children, adults, visitors and locals all join in the costume revelry to celebrate the year past, with everyone congregating in Central Square at the stroke of midnight to ring in 2015.

hotel front

Harbour Lights

Whizzbangs and Catherine wheels, sparkling and divine; a New Year sky at Newquay Harbour is a truly special time. The glittering echo of fireworks across the north coast really brings home the uniqueness of our harbour town, especially during the celebratory month of December.

Whether you’re a local or simply visiting the county this festive period, a glass of bubbles and a technicolour skyscape during the first few moments of 2015 is a wonderful way to bring in the New Year.


Shaken, not stirred

We love New Year’s Eve at The Atlantic Hotel, so to stay in keeping with the tradition of glad rags and sharp suits (and fancy dress) we’ve devised a very special James Bond Casino Night to mark the occasion.

Live out your own Daniel Craig – Le Chiffre standoffs on our blackjack and roulette tables (it may have been poker in Casino Royale, but who’s making notes?), and with our live music and DJ entertainment you’ll be hard pressed not to have a good time!

To fuel such revelry we’ve a Silks Bistro & Champagne Bar entry package complete with salmon, lamb, spiced orange posset and sticky banoffee pudding for a touch of sweetness to start your evening.

Silks better quality

A festive stay at The Atlantic Hotel is an excellent way to see out the old and welcome the new, just get in touch with our bookings team to experience a fresh start in Cornwall for 2015.


The Atlantic Hotel’s guide to Christmas in Cornwall

Quite simply, there’s nowhere we’d rather be.

Whilst mulled wine and a film on the television is a welcome sight to many, a festive break at Christmas time is an excellent opportunity to explore the county’s Yuletide offerings. Exciting handmade presents, tropical ice-skating and the great outdoors all await those who choose to embrace it; this is Christmas, Cornwall style.

Silent night, shopping night

Grab your coats, scarves and woolly hats; it’s time to buy some presents!

Artisan and handcrafted gifts from the very best in the county await you at the numerous vintage fairs, craft fairs and late night shopping evenings in the run up to December 25th; and ever eager to get into the Christmas spirit, Newquay are up first:

Reindeer, a jolly parade and retail aplenty grace the streets on 28th November with the grand switching on of their Christmas lights. Partnering this is a music and ale festival alongside a food and craft fair for a weekend of merriment from 28-30th November – both look to be delicious opportunities to try out potential presents!

Newquay Christmas lights

Have a Torville and Dean moment…

Just down the road from Newquay, and a major draw for thousands across Cornwall, is ice-skating at The Eden Project. There’s something about being able to take to the ice surrounded by biomes of rare and tropical plants that makes this so special, especially at Christmas time.

The Eden Project

The rink is open from 18th October and caters for everyone from toddlers all the way up to those preferring a little spin and twirl during their glide. Manual wheelchairs are permitted on the ice (with a carer), and a special skate aid penguin is a great way to help those who are a little unsteady on their feet!

Winter waves

Cosy coats and chunky scarves are what people envisage in the later months of the year, but in Cornwall there’s an extra Christmas outfit to consider – the wetsuit! The waves are normally of a better quality than in summer, and the fewer people in the water means that those in search of an active Yuletide break can really reap the rewards of the winter season.

Image from

The Escape Surf School is a level four BSA (British Surfing Association) approved establishment and is open 12 months a year, seven days a week. So the fact that it’s a little chilly shouldn’t be a reason to put off taking to the waves and learning a new skill…and who knows, next year you could have a brand new board waiting for you under the tree!

The choice in Cornwall at Christmas is certainly varied, and the way you spend it is entirely up to you. Listed above are three ways the team and those who stay at The Atlantic Hotel find the most fun throughout the festive season.

We feel Christmas ideas are always best discussed over a quiet drink, so we’ll see you at the bar!

Christmas in Cornwall

Cornwall’s sea air takes on an extra special quality in the latter months of the year, and we feel that the four-star luxury of the Atlantic Hotel alongside the spiced atmosphere of the county during Christmas time is something best embraced over the entire yuletide period.

A festive break at The Atlantic Hotel can be spread over three or four nights and has all you need to keep you excited and entertained throughout the Christmas period – no matter what your age!

Cornish cream teas, a champagne reception and a candlelit dinner leading into a night of entertainment awaits guests gracing the Atlantic Hotel with their presence on Christmas Eve; a perfect introduction to an unforgettable festive break by the sea.

The exciting journey down the stairs on Christmas morning is something that everyone remembers from childhood, and with a Full English buffet breakfast to indulge in (complete with sea views), it’s certainly going to be a memory to add to those of growing up.

Christmas talk

Jolly Saint Nick will keep children entertained whilst adults congregate around the Christmas tree for champagne cocktails, all before a sumptuous five-course luncheon in our Sea View Lounge (hats and blowers are provided, crackers are compulsory!)

The afternoon is yours to relax; take a swim in our pool, tune in to the Queen’s Speech or sleep off any overindulgences before a candlelit evening dinner and night of special entertainment.

Boxing day at the Atlantic Hotel how we believe every day should start – with a Full English breakfast. This can then be followed by a complimentary tour of Blue Reef Aquarium, an exclusive sushi and fish cooking demonstration from our Head Chef and a Boxing Day evening dinner under the chandelier glimmer of our Sea View Dining Room. Optional Boxing Day Luncheon and cream teas are available upon request.

A stunning sea view comes as standard with every room in our ‘Festive Breaks‘ package (for guests arriving on the 23rd or 24th December), starting with our Sea View Classic Rooms at £250 per room per night up to the private landscapes of our Balcony Suites at £350 per room per night; and as a special gift from all at The Atlantic Hotel, children go free!

Christmas rooms

Whether you decide to revel in the company of guests and staff or spend your time relaxing in your plush hotel room over the Christmas period, a festive break at the Atlantic Hotel is so much more than just an excursion, it’s an experience.

…and that’s just how we feel Christmas should be.