Best Beach Games with the Kids

28 March 2016

If you’re bringing the children with you to the Atlantic this summer, we want to offer up a few suggestions on how best to entertain them at the beach, with our favourite sandy shore games!

Frisbee Golf

Although frisbee is fun in itself, why not take things up a notch and enjoy a game of frisbee golf? Set up some targets from items you’ve brought with you, (a towel, picnic blanket, buckets), or just dig a hole in the sand to use as your goal. Make sure smaller children can start off a bit closer to the target, and throw your frisbee at it. Whoever manages to get their throw closest, wins!

Relay Race

We don’t mean a traditional relay race; we mean a beachy relay race! Give the kids a large shell or small plastic cup, and set them on a task to fill their carrying implement with water, and race to empty their liquid into a bucket. Kids have to try and make sure that they don’t spill the liquid as they hurry back from the shore; the first one to fill their bucket, wins!


Test how flexible your family is with either a rope or pool noodle as the bar, and see how low they can go… This game is plenty of fun, and if there’s the opportunity, why not play some beachy tunes to get them in the mood for the limbo!

Squirt Ball

For this one, you’ll need a few water pistols and some beach balls. Give each one of the children a water pistol or a spray bottle and draw a line in the sand which they need to stand behind. Then draw another line further away where they need to get their beach ball to, just by squirting it with their water pistol. They’ll have to run to the water’s edge if their squirt gun runs out of liquid!

Bounce Ball

Do you remember the parachute games you’d play as a child at a party or some other event? Get a large beach towel, and position everyone to hold either a side or an edge and place the beach ball in the middle. See how high you can get the beach ball to bounce by working together.

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