Coffee in Newquay

5 January 2015

A good cup of coffee is the only thing that can make a good day even better (and trust us, living in Newquay we have more than our fair share of good days).

A quality coffee can come in the form of a solo espresso, a frothy cappuccino or a smooth, luxurious latte; but where to go in Newquay for a mug of the strong stuff?

Our triple-shot of caffeine establishments show where we think Newquay’s best beans can be found – well, apart from at Silks, that is!


The words ‘freeze dried’ are a mortal sin at Whiskers Coffee and Wine House, with their pride resting on their delicious organic blends.

The accompanying bagels, cakes and tapas style tasters they serve alongside their artisan brews are an excellent mid-morning treat or appetiser before heading out into Newquay for a supper by the sea.

Quite simply, as Newquay’s only exclusive coffee and wine bar, a cup of the good stuff is never further than a whisker away. Chai latte, anyone?


Café Cloud

A skimmed stone’s distance from Newquay Harbour, Café Cloud is the place to be where vintage-vibe coffee and cake is concerned.

Their down to earth styling and emphasis on serving quality, home made food and drink certainly makes the difference from any single-serving chain store, and that’s what makes cafés such as this so special.

Cafe cloud

Gluten free options cater for specialist diets, so that everyone can enjoy a taste of Newquay in the comfort and quietude of Café Cloud.

The Jam Jar

Always championing local produce, the folks at ‘The Jam Jar‘ are always keen to supply thirsty coffee lovers with ‘Origin Coffee’ in any which way you can think of (they can serve up a flat white without a second thought!)

Known for their welcoming, comfortable surroundings, ‘The Jam Jar’ is as perfect a place for families as it is for couples in the first flushes of romance.

Recognised as being a breed apart from most other Newquay cafes, it’s a very special place for quiet time with a quality cup of coffee.

Jam jar

This is just a sip of what’s available in Newquay – there are numerous more treasures hiding away in our coastal town just waiting to be discovered.

If all you’d prefer to do is relax in and around the hotel during a romantic break in Newquay, the Silks Afternoon Tea is a delicious option – you don’t even have to venture past our doorstep!

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