Duchy Opera at the Atlantic Hotel

The Atlantic Hotel is proud to have recently hosted the Duchy Opera’s latest adventure, Die Fledermaus. The classic tale from 1874 is a funny one following characters such as Gabriel von Eisenstein and his wife Rosalinde. Eisenstein is expected to go to prison after failing to pay his taxes. However, he attends a fancy dress party at Prince Orlosky’s and Rosalinde uses the opportunity to consort with her lover, Alfred.

However, the tale becomes confused when Alfred is mistaken for Eisenstein by the prison governor and is arrested. The fancy dress party sees Rosalinde and her maid Adele turn up in disguise and chaos ensues…

Not wishing to do the usual rendition, the Duchy Opera were keen to put their own stamp on the story and have merged the theme of reinvention with recycling. Cast members paid a visit to the United Downs waste-recycling centre in order to use unusual items for their September performances. Director Helen Tiplady transformed the original story, extinguishing the Viennese setting of the opera and instead placing the characters in a recycling centre.

The Atlantic Hotel Newquay played host to the Duchy Opera on Wednesday 16th September and the team and guests thoroughly enjoyed the event.