Five reasons to get married by the sea

You only need one reason to be wed by the water, each other. Nevertheless, we’ve chosen five for couples planning to get closer by the coast:

1. Breathtaking photographs

The two of you, the sea, the cliffs…perfect. Choosing a photographer or videographer (or both!) with a broad experience will help make the most of your audience and the stunning landscape surrounding the sand.

2. Honeymoon with a view

What better to remind yourself that you’re a newly wedded couple than waking up to a sea view of the beach you were married on? Every room in the Atlantic Hotel boasts a view of the ocean, which will surely bring memories of the day before flooding back.

…as if you needed reminding, of course!

3. Invitation in a bottle

Start the tidal theme with an invitation in a bottle; exactly the sort of thing guests would love to see arrive on their shores.

Small bottles, large bottles, take your pick. Seal with a cork for a pleasant ‘pop’ when invitees open their first class message in glass!

4. Fresh air, fresh start

Hair and make up are so very important on a wedding day, but the liberation of fresh coastal air and a sea breeze running through your tresses can only sweeten such a special day.

5. Barefoot bride

Kick off your wedding shoes and take a paddle, you’ve only one chance to take your dress into those cool Atlantic waters!

For a glamorous, elegant and exciting wedding The Atlantic Hotel is the obvious choice, get in touch to make yours a celebration by the sea.