Introducing…Mark Treadwell, Silks Head Chef

20 April 2015

Fresh into the Silks kitchen is Mark Treadwell, a highly experienced and seasoned Head Chef with a specialism (and sweet spot) for seafood. We caught him between dishes to give us taste of what he’s got planned for Silks:

  1. Hi, Mark! How long have you been in the cheffing industry?

When I was in school I was looking for way to travel the world, and a careers fair showed me that cheffing was the way to do it!

I’ve been in kitchens since I was 15, so that would make 17 years in the professional cooking industry.

  1. Where have you worked before Silks?

I’ve worked in various Rosette hotels in the Westcountry, including Cornish seafood restaurants and several pubs along the way.

I also worked in a beautiful open-air waterside tavern on Australia’s Easter Island for two and a half years…until the residential paperwork got the better of me!

  1. What is it about Silks that made you take up the role as Head Chef?

I was immediately drawn to the look, layout and overall ethos towards their food.

  1. What’s your favourite local produce or flavours to add to the menu?

Seafood, absolutely! When I’m in Cornwall I love to eat seafood, especially monkfish and line caught sea bass.

Saying that, my favourite dish on the new menu is trio of pork, the three cooking styles give me a chance to showcase real skill in the kitchen.

  1. If you could serve Silks or The Atlantic Hotel on a plate, what would you create?

Aha, that’s a good question – I would create a homemade seafood linguini. It’s got a Tuscan feel and classiness to it that would be a real treat for Silks customers.

  1. What can we look forward to under your rule as Head Chef?

I really, really want to push for another Rosette!

Aside from accolades, I’m all about the fine dining experience. Being able to get into the smaller details and spend a little more time on each plate makes it so much more personal.

  1. What do you think makes the perfect kitchen team?

It’s all about the environment, and I’m a firm believer in everyone pulling their weight and getting involved in discussing ideas; it just makes for a healthier workplace. A happy kitchen means happy food, which means happy diners!

  1. Do you have any trade secrets you’re willing to give to our readers?

I wouldn’t be able to tell you those I’m afraid! Diners will have to come to Silks and try them out in person; a little mystery is always a good thing!

So it seems Silks’ new Head Chef Mark keeps his knives sharp and his trade secrets sharper, so why not book a table on 01637 839048 to see what he’s got up those culinary sleeves of his!

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