Love, food, Newquay

It was playwright and writer George Bernard Shaw who once said “There is no sincerer love than the love of food”, and whilst we’re sure he was expressing a general philosophical view on the world, it fits deliciously in the circular shape of Italy’s finest export, the pizza.

Fever d’Italia can be seen throughout the town, with pizzerias regularly indulging visitors and locals with the delicious sustenance needed after a surf session and those exploring the town during a romantic Cornish getaway.

Rossi’s Pizzeria

As the oldest established pizzeria in Newquay, Rossi’s Pizzeria has been spinning dough and pouring passata for over 25 years.

Situated aside Fistral Beach, a Milano, Primavera or Barberossi pizza is just the thing needed to experience an authentic, independently made meal with the taste of sea air on your lips.

Not just for those wanting to take a few minutes out, Rossi’s also has a takeaway option, should you decide to explore a little more of Newquay with a savoury supper in hand.


The Stable

The Newquay coastline treats Newquay’s branch of The Stable to spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, which is so much more than any side dish can offer.

You may be forgiven for thinking that The Stable is a one off, but their pizzerias are situated all around the country and have the soul of any small-town ristorante.

A delicious touch to each of The Stable’s branches is that food and drink menu differs according to the available locally grown and produced ingredients and regional ciders. With food sourced from the West Country and all dishes made from scratch (with no preservatives whatsoever), organic sourdough pizza bases and Naga chilli oil are definitely on the menu.


Little Italy

Stone baked bases, simple flavours, sea views…what’s not to like?

Little Italy’s specialism in pizza has resulted in them being one of the top eateries in the town for those lusting after an authentic taste of the Med.

Italy may be the inspiration, but Cornwall’s flavours subtly season Little Italy’s menu with regional sea salt and an exclusive three-cheese option with Yarg, Brie and Smoked Cheddar from our fair county.

Speaking of Cornish influence, calzone is also available at Little Italy – a pizza that coincidentally resembles a pasty, which is superb for anyone caught between international and local flavours!

Little Italy2

Newquay has the establishments, expertise and Italian passion needed to create divine dishes, and pizza can be just the thing to make a relaxing break in Cornwall so much more than just a quiet weekend.

…after all, it’s the Italians who proclaim “dolce far niente” – the sweetness of doing nothing, and we wholeheartedly agree.