Our Favourite Champagne Facts!

Here at the Atlantic Hotel Newquay, our stylish Silks Bistro and Champagne Bar has a whole host of different champagnes for every occasion and we’d like to take the time to give you our top five bubbly facts!

1) Every second, champagne emits 30 bubbles!

2) Did you think beer was gassy? Champagne has three times more gas than beer!

3) On average a 750ml bottle of Champagne houses around 49 million bubbles!

4) Wimbledon’s a rather big event in the calendar each year, so it’s not surprising that a massive 28,000 bottles of champagne are served at the event every year!

5) Opening a bottle of champagne is truly an art, and the most impressive cork flight recorded to date is more than 177 feet, a whopping 54 metres!