Our Favourite Parts of a Wedding Day

Who doesn’t love a wedding? The venue, the glamour, the dress, the cake! There are so many wonderful moments that make up a wedding day, and we’re lucky here at the Atlantic Hotel as we see so many stunning big days take place in our grounds.

So what are our favourite parts of a bride and groom’s big day?

We have several… firstly, the bride’s arrival. If the bride is staying with us the night before the wedding, there’s something truly magical about the excitement surrounding a soon-to-be newlywed. Whether she’s having a dip in the pool to relax before staying in a suite with her leading ladies for a night of champagne and cocktails, or having a meal with family in our Silks Bistro and Champagne Bar, her last night as a ‘Miss’ will be one to remember.

We also like the preparation – a wedding in the Grand Ballroom is a spectacular sight; lavish décor, elaborate details, and an overall air of grandeur. The Art Deco styling of the Atlantic adds an extra VIP factor to any wedding; from the glittering marble floor, sweeping staircase, and the rolled out red carpet – we know how to make a big day spectacular.

This comes just before our next favourite moment, the first looks. When you see the look of surprise and astonishment on a groom’s face as he lays eyes on his bride walking down the aisle, you capture a truly special point in time. Every ceremony is different and incredibly beautiful, especially when the guests and family see the bride in her dress for the first time.

The first dance is another favourite; a ‘Miss’ enjoying her first dance as a ‘Mrs’, couples joining hand in hand on the dance floor, dresses twinkling under the lights.

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