Step by step down the aisle with The Atlantic Hotel

Image courtesy of Paul Keppel

Let’s face it, planning a wedding is a challenge for even the most organised of couples.

To help those who may struggle with diary dates, appointments and outfit fittings we’ve put together a basic timeline for those needing a little guidance on their journey to matrimony:

That ‘Yes!’ moment, twelve months before the wedding:

First things first, hire a planner. Whether it’s to deal with the finer details of your big day venue or to tell you when and where you have gown fittings, planners are priceless.

Don’t forget: Start a wedding folder! Many brides find this go-to reference collection of dream décor and to-die-for styling is attached to their hip before they know it!

Nine months before the wedding:

Other than a beautiful bride floating down the aisle, the food is another talking point of any big day. The Atlantic Hotel kitchen team has excellent taste when it comes to matrimonial menus, from boutique buffets to harmonious hog roasts – no one will be left wanting.

Don’t forget: Photographer and videographer research. What do you mean you’ve only whittled it down to twelve dresses?

Six months before the wedding:

Your parents will need a bed to rest, his parents will need a bed to rest, so many others will need a bed to rest! How about a sea view for everyone? That will surely keep the in-laws happy.

You’re in luck, there’s a sea view from every one of our rooms!

Don’t forget: A day itinerary is a must: our wedding team can sort all of your whens-and-wheres on the big day.

Three months before the wedding

Who’s coming? Be sure to chase up anyone who hasn’t replied to your invite (how rude!), so we can organise seating arrangements and final menu numbers.

Don’t forget: Sign off readings/vows with your officiant, forgetting that will not do!

One month and counting

It’s all about the finer details in the last few weeks before your big day; suit fittings, florist delivery times, a final, absolutely last dress fitting and a wedding day rehearsal…oh, and you’ve just found out the ring bearer’s allergic to nuts, best contact the kitchen team!

Don’t forget: Liaise with your photographer/videographer for any extra-special shots. Cliff top bridesmaids, anyone?

The big day: Smile, be beautiful, and enjoy your day!

The Atlantic Hotel is a stylish, suave and sensational wedding day venue; and who better to arrange your celebration than those who know it inside out, our wedding team of course!

[Photography courtesy of Paul Keppel]