Summer Celebrations, the Best Excuses to Treat Yourself

We’re all for taking some time to recharge, and so we’re here to give you the best excuses to book a Cornish holiday with us this summer…

Our New Pool

If you’d like to take some time out to recharge your body, we have a new pool, treatment rooms, sauna and Jacuzzi just ready to take away some of your stress. Swim to gently work out the muscles, sit in the steam room to open your pores, and let the bubbles from the Jacuzzi massage your skin.

Make Your Body Feel Great

We’ve got two new treatment rooms and an extremely talented masseuse ready to alleviate any aches and pains you might be harbouring from a hard week at work or that latest house project you’ve been working on… Take some time to treat the muscles and let experienced hands ensure your body feels brand new.

The Sea Air

There’s something rather amazing about leaving a crowded place to spend some time on the edge of the coast with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and an invigorating sea breeze. Taste the salt on your tongue, let your tresses wave in the wind, and take deep lungful’s of clean, crisp air.


Physical distance away from something is a great way to get some clarity. Whether you’ve got a problem at work, or a stressful decision to make, come and spend some time somewhere beautiful away from your problems and watch clarity emerge.

Mother Nature

Splash your bare feet in the waves, surround your skin with warm sand, and really get back to being with nature. Leave your phone in the room, take a break from technology and spend some time with you. There’s nothing better than a sunny day and some gorgeous beaching to make you feel incredible.

Have we given you enough reasons to come and stay with us in luxury? Take a look at our current offers, here.