The Atlantic Hotel’s Ultimate Maid of Honour.

8 May 2015

Your maid of honour is a very important person, not only is she your emotional rock throughout the wedding planning process, but as leader of your bridal party, she is there from start to finish, is probably your oldest friend and will know every tiny detail about the inner workings of your wedding.

We’ve had a little fun and chosen a few famous personalities who we would simply love to have as our maid of honour, see if you agree!


Audrey Hepburn: for a stylish maid of honour

The quiet confidence of this Hollywood icon is sure to settle any wedding stresses, especially where style is concerned.

After all, there’s a reason Ms Hepburn is still a major fashion influence over fifty years since Breakfast at Tiffany’s; so grab those oversized sunglasses and relax, it’s all in hand.


Marilyn Monroe: for a fun maid of honour

Marilyn Monroe is truly one of a kind. A fun loving, super-sensual woman who enjoyed letting her hair down.

It is rumoured that Marilyn once filled up her bath tub with 350 bottles of champagne and took a long luxurious bath in it.

Not only that, she also famously said she wore Chanel No 5 as her perfume of choice. Good taste in perfume and a fan of Champagne? A girl after our own heart!


Taylor Swift: for a girlie maid of honour

Not only is she super stylish, Taylor Swift is the sort of girl you could imagine watching “Clueless” with and talking about first ever boyfriends. Imagine painting your toe nails the night before your nuptials (red of course, her trademark colour) and enjoying a bottle of rose whilst watching the sun come up, getting lost in the glamour and the gossip.

You never know, you may even inspire her next album…


Cilla Black: for the mother hen maid of honour

“What’s your name and where’d you come from?!”

Everyone loves our Cilla. Down to earth, honest, genuine and someone you would really respect, she would make a Maid of Honour you would look up to. She has seen enough blind dates to know what makes a marriage successful too!


Kristen Wiig (Annie, Bridesmaids) for a crazy maid of honour:

Anyone’s who’s seen Bridesmaids will know that the road to a wedding day is a challenge for every Maid of Honour. We love the feisty spirit and sheer down-to-earth nature of Annie. If you’re after a dedicated, loyal, utter bestie who is just a little bit crazy then Annie is right up your street! Plus, don’t you want a Maid of Honour who you can sing karaoke with on your big day?!

So will you choose No 1, 2, or 3? Here’s our Graham with the quick recap! Being asked to be a Maid of Honour is indeed, a real honour, and we’re sure whoever you choose will be perfect. Of course, our wedding team are more than happy to answer any queries about a luxury wedding on the beautiful Cornish coast, so please get in touch!

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