We love you Dad

Father’s Day is fast approaching on Sunday 21st June and we thought it shouldn’t pass without a bit of fanfare! After all, mums get spoiled for Mother’s Day so it’s time to do something decadent for Dad, right?

We’ve arranged for a special Sunday lunch for Dad at the Atlantic on Sunday 21st June. Come and book a 2 or 3 course Sunday lunch and we’ll give Dad a free pint of ale or even a glass of Champagne (well, when at the Atlantic…)

But in the meantime, we’ve asked some of the team at the hotel for the most special thing they ever did for their dad and here are some of the answers – we love you dad!


A perfect Poem

“I wrote my dad a lovely poem one year and framed it for him. It was a mixture of funny memories and special moments and it was really special watching him read it!”

Claire, Restaurant Manager


Dance with Dad

“The most special thing I ever did with my dad was we danced together on my wedding day to a really special song. When I was little he used to play me a Kinks song and it became “our song”. On my wedding day, before my first dance with my husband I arranged for a last dance with my dad and we danced to that Kinks song together, it was really special and actually, this year for Father’s Day I got him the original record of that song and framed it with a picture of us dancing on my wedding day!”

Jess, Marketing Manager


Make him smile

“One year I literally put banners everywhere saying how he was the best dad in the world and filled his car with balloons then I left him a treasure hunt with clues that lead him to a game of golf followed by a special family lunch. When he drove to the hotel for lunch, I made sure there was a banner on the road with his face on saying Best Dad Ever! I think he was embarrassed but very impressed!”

Cath, Duty Manager


Scrap Book Success

“I made my dad a scrap book of my favourite memories with him – tickets for concerts we had been to, photos of us when we were younger, handmade cards from when I was a child etc. It was really magical watching him flip through it”

Lucy, Wedding Co-Ordinator


Surprise Lunch

“I told my dad that I had broken down and needed him to come and get me! I made him drive out to seemingly the middle of nowhere, only to find me outside a restaurant. When he arrived I told him the car had just started again and sorry to drag him out, could I get him a coffee? I took him into this local restaurant only to find all of his family and friends there to surprise him for a special lunch – the look on his face was worth the cheeky lie!”

Kim, Duty Manager


Don’t forget to say I love you Dad this year, however you decide to do it, sometimes actions speak louder than words! If you fancy treating him Atlantic style then get in touch with us today to book our “I love you dad” lunch on Sunday 21st June. What is the most special thing you’ve done for your Dad? Let us know with the #Loveyoudad on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!