Atlantic Hotel Wedding Case Study: The Whitaker’s

We’ve been speaking to some of our previous wedding couples to ask them about their experience at the Atlantic Hotel. This month we spoke to Nicki and asked about her special day with husband Jamie at the Atlantic.

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Ballroom layed out for civil ceremony in the Ballroom

Sentimental Wedding Ideas for your Special Day

Ballroom layed out for civil ceremony in the Ballroom

A wedding is a special day for the whole family, so what can be better than combining some sentimental elements into your special day that can be cherished forever.

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Why we Love a September Wedding

Here at the Atlantic Hotel Newquay, we love September weddings. As the leaves begin to turn and the summer cools off, we enjoy a month of comfortable temperatures, which we think, are perfect for a special day. Continue reading

Image courtesy of Paul Keppel

Key Wedding Photos to take at the Atlantic

Image courtesy of Paul Keppel

We want every wedding at the Atlantic to be the best day of the bride and groom’s lives and we strive to make it as special as possible. But when it’s all over, and you’re sat at home in casual clothes rather than a beautiful dress or suave tux, we want you to be able to remember everything about your wedding day in Cornwall.
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Image courtesy of: Rob Noble [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Thinking of Popping the Question?

Image courtesy of: Rob Noble [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Cornwall could easily be classed as one of the most romantic areas of the country. Shrouded in wildlife and nature with miles of sandy stretches and views that rival some of the best in the world, Cornwall’s got it all for a romantic break. But if you’re thinking of making it extra special and popping the question, we’ve got some recommendations for where you could get down on one knee. Continue reading

How to create a beach themed wedding

Many brides we see dream of incorporating the ocean into their big day, and with the Atlantic Ocean outside every window of the hotel, we’ve found five subtle ways to help you incorporate your love of the Cornish beaches into your big day.

Think Freshwater:

There’s certain poetry to a bride wearing pearls during a coastal ceremony, it’s a subtle nod to the magic of mermaids and the beauty and serenity of the sea.

Coral colours:

A dash of coral on a wedding day just gives a hint of summer shindigs by the seaside and is a theme that can be delicately carried throughout both bridal party and groomsmen.

Just spot the colourful pocket square of the Best Man at the bar as he prepares for his speech.

Driftwood centrepieces:

A product of the sea is always a fine sight at The Atlantic Hotel, and a table centrepiece in our Grand Ballroom showcasing driftwood in a new, glamorous light looks superb for vows by the waterside.

A cork-stoppered memory:

Let your guests take a little piece of heaven home with them.

Miniature cork-stoppered jars of sand are a delightful way to bring a seaside theme to a wedding day, especially as it’s as if the moment you say ‘I do’ next to Fistral Beach has been captured for everyone to hold close to their hearts forever.   Why not send message-in-a-bottle type invitations as a continuation of the theme?

Pebble place cards:

These aren’t just pretty; they’re practical, too! Doubling up as favours, writing guests’ names on pebbles or shells instead of place cards gives a taste of the beach without going overboard.

These are just a few suggestions. From tables named after beaches you’ve had picnics on to hues of blues for your bridesmaids or a fish and chip supper followed by Cornish ice cream, there are no limits to a stylish beach-themed wedding and with views of the stunning sea from every room at the Atlantic, you couldn’t hold it in a better location. Contact us today to discuss planning your bespoke beach-themed wedding.



The Atlantic Hotel’s Ultimate Maid of Honour.

Your maid of honour is a very important person, not only is she your emotional rock throughout the wedding planning process, but as leader of your bridal party, she is there from start to finish, is probably your oldest friend and will know every tiny detail about the inner workings of your wedding.

We’ve had a little fun and chosen a few famous personalities who we would simply love to have as our maid of honour, see if you agree!


Audrey Hepburn: for a stylish maid of honour

The quiet confidence of this Hollywood icon is sure to settle any wedding stresses, especially where style is concerned.

After all, there’s a reason Ms Hepburn is still a major fashion influence over fifty years since Breakfast at Tiffany’s; so grab those oversized sunglasses and relax, it’s all in hand.


Marilyn Monroe: for a fun maid of honour

Marilyn Monroe is truly one of a kind. A fun loving, super-sensual woman who enjoyed letting her hair down.

It is rumoured that Marilyn once filled up her bath tub with 350 bottles of champagne and took a long luxurious bath in it.

Not only that, she also famously said she wore Chanel No 5 as her perfume of choice. Good taste in perfume and a fan of Champagne? A girl after our own heart!


Taylor Swift: for a girlie maid of honour

Not only is she super stylish, Taylor Swift is the sort of girl you could imagine watching “Clueless” with and talking about first ever boyfriends. Imagine painting your toe nails the night before your nuptials (red of course, her trademark colour) and enjoying a bottle of rose whilst watching the sun come up, getting lost in the glamour and the gossip.

You never know, you may even inspire her next album…


Cilla Black: for the mother hen maid of honour

“What’s your name and where’d you come from?!”

Everyone loves our Cilla. Down to earth, honest, genuine and someone you would really respect, she would make a Maid of Honour you would look up to. She has seen enough blind dates to know what makes a marriage successful too!


Kristen Wiig (Annie, Bridesmaids) for a crazy maid of honour:

Anyone’s who’s seen Bridesmaids will know that the road to a wedding day is a challenge for every Maid of Honour. We love the feisty spirit and sheer down-to-earth nature of Annie. If you’re after a dedicated, loyal, utter bestie who is just a little bit crazy then Annie is right up your street! Plus, don’t you want a Maid of Honour who you can sing karaoke with on your big day?!

So will you choose No 1, 2, or 3? Here’s our Graham with the quick recap! Being asked to be a Maid of Honour is indeed, a real honour, and we’re sure whoever you choose will be perfect. Of course, our wedding team are more than happy to answer any queries about a luxury wedding on the beautiful Cornish coast, so please get in touch!

Music to our ears: Our five favourite first dance songs

Ah, the first dance. All eyes are on you and you’re immersed in each other, it’s a wonderful, touching point of the wedding day that remains in your memory forever more.

Here’s five pieces that make us stop, listen and get all romantic at The Atlantic:

Otis Redding – These Arms of Mine: Played by none other than Mr Suave himself, George Clooney, during his wedding to Amal Alamuddin. If it’s good enough for a man with two Oscars…

Planning a summer ceremony? Our Sea View Terrace under the stars is a beautiful place to take ‘those arms of his’ in the moonlight for the first time as man and wife.

Frank Sinatra – Fly me to the moon: “Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars.”

You’re newlyweds by the sea, anything’s possible!

Ben E. King – Stand By Me: A classic, an absolute classic.

It’s been forty years since the world first heard those opening bass notes of Ben E. King’s soulful single, and it still gets us (and countless wedding guests) teary-eyed every time a couple take to the floor in our Grand Ballroom.

Norah Jones – Sail Away with Me: A ceremony by the sea wouldn’t be complete without a nautical number, and Ms Jones’ soft, sensual ‘Sail Away With Me’ offers a wonderful opportunity for couples to escape at The Atlantic.

Elbow – One Day Like This: For couples looking for some class in modern music collections, Guy Garvey and co’s orchestral-influenced single from ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’ gives us goose bumps as soon as we hear those opening strings…

A coastline wedding we feel is the only way to pronounce your love at The Atlantic Hotel, and with songs like these introducing couples into wedded bliss – it’s an absolutely perfect location.

Contact us to start planning your dream wedding today.

Image courtesy of Paul Keppel

Step by step down the aisle with The Atlantic Hotel

Image courtesy of Paul Keppel

Let’s face it, planning a wedding is a challenge for even the most organised of couples.

To help those who may struggle with diary dates, appointments and outfit fittings we’ve put together a basic timeline for those needing a little guidance on their journey to matrimony:

That ‘Yes!’ moment, twelve months before the wedding:

First things first, hire a planner. Whether it’s to deal with the finer details of your big day venue or to tell you when and where you have gown fittings, planners are priceless.

Don’t forget: Start a wedding folder! Many brides find this go-to reference collection of dream décor and to-die-for styling is attached to their hip before they know it!

Nine months before the wedding:

Other than a beautiful bride floating down the aisle, the food is another talking point of any big day. The Atlantic Hotel kitchen team has excellent taste when it comes to matrimonial menus, from boutique buffets to harmonious hog roasts – no one will be left wanting.

Don’t forget: Photographer and videographer research. What do you mean you’ve only whittled it down to twelve dresses?

Six months before the wedding:

Your parents will need a bed to rest, his parents will need a bed to rest, so many others will need a bed to rest! How about a sea view for everyone? That will surely keep the in-laws happy.

You’re in luck, there’s a sea view from every one of our rooms!

Don’t forget: A day itinerary is a must: our wedding team can sort all of your whens-and-wheres on the big day.

Three months before the wedding

Who’s coming? Be sure to chase up anyone who hasn’t replied to your invite (how rude!), so we can organise seating arrangements and final menu numbers.

Don’t forget: Sign off readings/vows with your officiant, forgetting that will not do!

One month and counting

It’s all about the finer details in the last few weeks before your big day; suit fittings, florist delivery times, a final, absolutely last dress fitting and a wedding day rehearsal…oh, and you’ve just found out the ring bearer’s allergic to nuts, best contact the kitchen team!

Don’t forget: Liaise with your photographer/videographer for any extra-special shots. Cliff top bridesmaids, anyone?

The big day: Smile, be beautiful, and enjoy your day!

The Atlantic Hotel is a stylish, suave and sensational wedding day venue; and who better to arrange your celebration than those who know it inside out, our wedding team of course!

[Photography courtesy of Paul Keppel]
Photography courtesy of Tyron Mackenzie

A divine way to spend £3,999

Photography courtesy of Tyron Mackenzie

To celebrate our £3,999 wedding package we’ve put our heads together to devise some delightfully indulgent ways to spend a romantic £3,999 at the Atlantic Hotel:

99 bottles of Moet on the wall

Take one down, pass it around…Our Moet bubbles is one of our trademark Champagnes, and although 99 may sound a little excessive; what a reception you’ll have!

Lay back, relax

Ease away tight shoulders and tense muscles with our resident masseuse Martina Crkonova and her full body, nirvana-enducing relaxing massage (amongst other treatments), and for £3,999 you could have two every week for well over a year before your big day! Bliss…

Red, red, red

One for the traditionalists, imagine crossing the threshold of your Atlantic Hotel bridal suite in the arms of your new husband, only to find that he’s filled the room with 1,350 red roses! We knew he was a keeper…

When compared to our superb all-inclusive wedding package with its three-course menu, wine for all guests, personal management service, hotel rooms, private bar and personal management service as well as a host of other features, £3,999 never looked more affordable!

Contact us today to begin your journey to wedded paradise with the Atlantic Hotel.

[Photography courtesy of Tyron Mackenzie]