Why Propose at Christmas?

1 December 2015

We all know Christmas time can be truly magical – open fires, beautifully wrapped gifts, the smell of fresh Christmas trees in the house and of course if we’re lucky, snow!

So while many of us may be dreaming of a snowy white Christmas, others are dreaming of a beautiful diamond ring. We’re here to share with you all the best reasons why you should propose at Christmas.

It’s Classically Romantic

Studies have been conducted and discovered that a whopping percentage of the population were either dreaming of a Christmas proposal or believed it was the most romantic time of year to pop the question. Christmas has the fantastic feeling of anything being possible, surprises, magic and of course, romance!

It can be a Complete Surprise

Although many people could be hoping for a Christmas proposal, there’s plenty of ways to throw them off the trail and take them by surprise. Propose in the evening when they think all the excitement is over, when everyone’s gone home and it’s just the two of you wrapped up in front of the Christmas tree.

Your Friends and Family are there

If you’re both very family orientated, the presence of all your closest loved ones can be a great addition to any proposal. So why not surprise everyone with a Christmas toast and pop the question?

You can Have Fun with it

Any other day of the year you might be frowned upon for dressing up in a red suit with a beard and hat, but at this time of year anything goes. Why not dress up to surprise the family and deliver a special package on one knee at the same time?

Write what you Feel

If you’re worried about getting the delivery of your proposal wrong, why not write their Christmas card telling them how much they mean to you? When they’ve finished reading be ready holding a ring in your hands.

Use Props

The Christmas tree can be a fantastic prop when it comes to a Christmas proposal. Why not hang it on a branch and wait for them to notice? You can drop subtle hints throughout the day if needed…

Get Swept up in a Winter Wonderland

Why not take them for a day out ice skating or if you can find snow, sledding for your proposal? Nothing says romance like snow and ice, and being down on one knee—even if it does get a little cold!


Photography by Joe Connor.

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