Exploring Newquay’s Heritage – Huer’s Hut

23 November 2015

Just steps away from the Atlantic Hotel sits Huer’s Hut on Newquay’s Towan Head. The building in place now dates back to the mid 19th century, but it’s expected that the history of the structure dates back much further to the 14th century.

Initially built as a shelter, Huer’s Hut received its name from the occupants of the building who went by the name of huer’s. A huer’s job was to be on the lookout for shoals of fish and to raise the alarm when they saw them. They would shout the Cornish phrase ‘Heva heva’ which translates into ‘Here they are’.

The fishermen would be alerted and boats would be launched while the huer would be able to direct them from his high vantage point. Many people believe that the town’s existence was reliant on the hut, as a lack of fish would have severely stunted growth.

Before the huer’s job, it’s thought that the building could have been a hermitage with a hermit in residence to guide ships with a beacon.

The Grade 2 listed building has undergone a £30,000 renovation this year after residents campaigned to repair it and raised funds.

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